Recent Projects

Atlas Wearables App
The Atlas Wristband mobile app had to operate on a simple “glance-able” level but also needed to enable power-users to drill down for more granular data. Multiple tests were run online and in person to be sure the app was flowing as intended and great care was put into making sure the app to device relationship was as seamless as possible.

Atlas UX Process Overview
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Run App Product Innovation
Runners 25-35 are highly data driven and progress oriented. A popular running app wanted to empower their users with additional relatable metrics and personalization.

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DriveBetter App
DriveBetter is a Kickstarter project that aims to improve new driver skills and safety via a mobile app and in-car device. The app displays a detailed overview of each trip, calls out good and bad performance areas and provides tips and important info to help drivers improve scores and earn rewards.

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