Run App Product Innovation
One of the best parts of finishing a run is reviewing your route afterwards. How could we turn this typical interaction into a richer experience for the user?


DriveBetter – Visual Design Explore & Wires
New drivers, primarily teens, are known to have above average accidents and traffic violations when hitting the road for the first time. The DriveBetter system which includes an in-vehicle device and mobile app enables performance tracking with a rewards system and tips and info to make new drivers, safe drivers.


Enlyton – Prototype
A simple prototype using Sketch and Invision. I find this tool combo easy to work with and a bit more robust than some all-in-one solutions like Adobe XD (although I have high hopes for XD!).  Launch Prototype

Enlyton – ChatBot Wireframe


AffinityAnswers – Product Demo
AffinityAnswers uses proprietary algorithms and a next-generation metric to calculate mutual social engagement across 50,000 brands and 400 million people worldwide. This helps companies discover and activate whole new audiences with affinity for your brand. Part of the assignment was to create a demo to give prospective users a taste of this powerful platform.  Demo   Website

Product demo for AffinityAnswers

Get Smart Content – HTML5 Animation Test
Adobe replaced Flash with Adobe Animate which is very similar however it renders animation with HTML5 and Javascript for cross browser and mobile compatibility. I did this test to try it out and can’t wait to use it in a project soon.


NetBase – Responsive Web Design

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